Helping you to quieten your mind and live a full and meaningful life

Quiet Minds Counselling

I understand that some people find it very difficult to reach out when they are struggling. Please don’t feel afraid that you will be rejected or that your issue is too difficult, too embarrassing, too big or too humiliating. I have worked with a whole range of people and issues and I will respect and value your uniqueness. I provide a safe and confidential counselling service in a comfortable environment. I also offer online counselling. I will listen to you in a respectful, empathic and compassionate manner without judgement. I genuinely believe that people have the capacity to change. I will help you with this process by encouraging, facilitating and guiding you along the way. You do not have to struggle alone anymore.

Counsellors offer hope and empowerment.  Please reach out so that I can help you to live the life you only dreamed could be possible.

Quiet Minds Counselling is not a crisis service. If you need immediate support contact one of the services below