TRTP™ is a safe and extremely effective way of resolving past trauma. 


It offers individually-targeted care and is very versatile in who it can treat. It is extremely effective in treating PTSD or compound trauma but is not only reserved for those who have had a traumatic past: anxiety and depression can also be resolved. Everyone experiences their own traumas or distressing events during different stages in life and everyone can benefit- provided they are ready to make the change.


With Alison, the process usually consists of 2 x 2-hour sessions and 2 x 1-hour sessions, and takes the person from trauma/ anxiety/ depression/ PTSD to resolution during that period, often avoiding many years of therapy. The process ensures there is no retriggering or re-traumatisation. All sessions can be facilitated face to face, or on-line.


TRTP™ is unique. It is a dynamic, rich series of steps tailored to the individual which does not merely address the symptoms of trauma but addresses the underlying cause of the problem


TRTP™ is in alignment with the two requirements stated by van der Kolk, Levine and other trauma experts. For trauma to be resolved –

·         the person must be moved to an empowered position in regard to the trauma.

·         the body must know that the event / events are over.


TRTP™ makes use of deep imagination in order to deal with trauma where it is stored – in the subconscious and in the body (Levine, van der Kolk, Rothschild, Ogden).  It initially deals with the underlying, unconscious core beliefs which keep a person stuck in patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour. This prevents self-sabotage impacting the following therapy.


TRTP™ then takes the emotional charge from the past, moving the client to a place of empowerment. The client is shifted from fight/flight/freeze to an empowered, self-regulated state. The sympathetic nervous system is calmed. The memory of the trauma is placed firmly in the past. The client quickly moves from ‘I’m not safe!’  to ‘It’s over.  I’m safe now.’  Calm returns, on all levels. Symptoms cease.  

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Interview with Michael Sandler and Judith Richards