Helping you to lead the life you want to live

Quiet Minds Counselling has the experience to help clients with a wide range of issues. Counselling focuses on enhancing your capacity to cope with specific life challenges. I will work with you to help you resolve crises, reduce distress and develop goals for change and improved wellbeing.

I offer confidential individual face to face sessions in Eastwood, Adelaide, just outside of the CBD. Online consultations are also available.

Some services are listed below but this is by no means an exhaustive list. Please reach out and I can discuss our suitability with you for any other issues before you commit to counselling. 

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Addictions come in all shape and sizes. Whether you are struggling with alcohol, drugs, food and eating disorders, exercise addiction or any other type of addiction, counselling can help you. It is possible to break free.

anxiety, fear, stress

Concerns about the future in general or specific situations can make people feel stressed, anxious, tired and overwhelmed. Are your thoughts racing? Do you find it difficult to switch off or calm down? Are you missing out on life because of your anxiety? Counselling can help you learn new approaches that will help you develop confidence and lead a more fulfilling life.

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Do you feel sad, irritable, unhappy, rundown? Have you lost interest in activities and don’t want to socialise? Have you noticed changes in sleep, appetite, energy level, concentration, daily behaviour or self-esteem? With the right type of support, studies in psychology show that the symptoms of depression can be reversed. Counselling can help you gain control of your emotions and learn to live life with joy, purpose and meaning.

Grief, Loss and Change

The loss of a loved one, a career, health or community, as well as major changes and transitions can be very difficult and painful.  Counselling can help you process that grief or loss, no matter how impossible moving on my feel. It can also help you identify ways in which to grow and direct your life following grief, loss and change.

Mental Wellness Counselling​

Helping you to live a full and meaningful life by combating stress, anxiety and depression.

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Personal Growth and Development

Lack of confidence, insecurity, loss of direction, low self-esteem and trauma can all inhibit our ability for personal growth and development. Counselling can help you explore the way you feel and change your view of yourself and others. Counselling also helps you identify your values and clarify which direction you want to take.

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Relationship Counselling

Do you want to improve your relationships? Do you feel stuck in your relationship and in a pattern of unproductive behaviours? Do you feel misunderstood? Do you struggle to say what is on your mind or to be heard? Have you or the other significant people in your life stopped trying to please each other? Do you need support moving into or out of a relationship? Counselling can help with all these issues and more.


The impacts of trauma can be far reaching and debilitating. Major hurdles include reducing shame, painful memories and perceptions as well as learning to feel safe and to trust again. Experiencing trauma does not have to take over your life. Counselling can help you to stop being a victim and instead learn how to manage your distress and take control of your thoughts. Essentially, it is about realising that you are not what happened to you, but are instead whoever you chose to be. It’s vital to get help after you’ve experienced trauma. Quiet Minds Counselling provides trauma informed practice in a safe environment.

MindUp Program

A mindfulness-based social and emotional learning program to help foster wellbeing, regulate stress and emotions, and form positive relationships. Based firmly in neuroscience. I have run this program in schools and will be happy to facilitate your school’s/ group’s needs.

What's the Buzz

What’s the Buzz is an evidence-based program now used in more than 130 countries to teach young people social and emotional intelligence. Frequently used to help children and adolescents with autism as well as those who do not feel confident in social situations. Increases prosocial skills and resilience. I have run this program in schools and will be happy to facilitate your school’s/ group’s needs.